Budget Introduction

So lets talk about your IT budget.  Basic business best practice is to have a reliable planning.  Budgeting for reliable and stable IT expenses is rather crucial component for business growth.  Many companies manage to survive with unbudgeted IT expenses however its often circling a disastrous zone to do so. 

Without a budget to rely on, year over year, you often will encounter large spike expenses that can come at disastrous times, frequently interrupting your business operation for unplanned system replacements and downtime.

Our goal is to empower your business with reliable expense and planning, to provide the security and stability of an ongoing budget and plan for system upgrades and a consistent cost for your maintenance that can allow you to plan your own business growth and understand the associated costs that grow with your company.

Our services are explained in detail HERE so you can understand the level of support that you obtain when we partner with your business.  Here we explain the costs associated with our services.

These costs have a few forms, the first stable and consistent cost is your Managed Service Provider Support, this is your ongoing monthly cost that provides all your ongoing support and maintaining the systems you have for your office.

Another budget consideration is your planned hardware replacement.  This is a customized scheduled budget on a yearly basis to update your existing hardware, computers, mobile devices, network hardware, battery backups.  This is the physical components of your technology and we plan to schedule replacements prior to breakdowns, optimizing your business uptime and keeping the overall maintenance costs lower due to having proper up to date hardware and software for your company.  Note we only do this service for existing Managed Service Provider clients.

Lastly, we have Projects.  Projects are larger projects such as the hardware infrastructure updates, rolling out new software systems, building or customizing database projects for your business, expanding to new offices or adding new systems and staff.  Some of these can be planned along with the hardware replacement plans, some of them may arise through the course of growing your company, such as adding and setting up new computer systems.  These projects will involve a proposal or consultation with us in advance and we will be clear regarding the project costs in the form or estimates or proposals based on your requirements.  Projects are also a service we only provide to clients of our Managed Service Provider Program.


Managed Service Provider Support


Managed Service Provider Support is our connection with you.  It involves supporting your day to day business operation and our connection with your company.  We invest time and money in our software infrastructure that maintains connections with your office and servers, we monitor daily any issues ongoing with your systems and users, we respond to your support tickets and provide local and phone support for our users in addition to monitoring all your hardware and servers to maintain your uptime.

In addition to your user support is our design and support of your critical infrastructure, this means we configure and setup your office networking and server environments, we build out disaster recovery programs for your business, we monitor and ensure you have safe and reliable backups for your servers and data and a plan for recovery in the event of crashes.  We also support creating failover servers in your office to give you high availability to further reduce situations where your entire office may have downtime.

We base our costs and charges on a few metrics, one is how many mobile users are supported, how many fulltime/part time computer systems are supported, and how many server functions are supported.

 These are dedicated systems that are used full time throughout business, they usually have a dedicated user for that machine or full time use for a few different users (such as a business kiosk).  These systems require full support and their administrative load and user support is generally the highest overall investment of time.  These systems have an industry standard support requirement of 26Hrs per year in support time.  This includes user support as well as administrative support (patch maintenance, antivirus and cybersecurity, backups, application updating and system and backup monitoring).

$200 Per user Per Month

Scheduled Hardware Upgrades

As part of maintaining your systems and office we will develop a hardware upgrade schedule suited to your company.  Our plan is to avoid your downtime and the expenses that come with an office full of employees being unable to work for a day while a critical system gets replaced. 

Our plan will customize to your company and we will develop and budget that includes standardizing your office hardware which massively reduces the support overheads to maintain your IT support.  We will work with you to accommodate your software and hardware requirements for your staff and find the best solutions and schedule to update and maintain your entire office.

Our plans will include and accommodate doing system updates with minimal downtime, finding and scheduling with you, the best times to do system updates and replacements, including after hours system updates and bringing as seamless as possible, user transitions to upgraded hardware.




While ongoing proper maintenance and support and hardware upgrades are important, you may still have ideas or plan may arise that might involve expanding your office, moving to new locations, creating satellite workspaces or even developing custom software or database solutions for your company.  That’s where projects come into play.

Projects may arise through the course of your business and fall outside of the scope of ongoing maintenance.  They can include creating new full-time computer systems for your office, that can require a significant investment of time to setup, adding new business applications for all of your users, moving your business to a new location or even adding and supporting remote workspaces. 

These things are projects that will fall outside of scope with standard ongoing maintenance and user support but they are things we will gladly assist with.  When you have an unexpected project that is happening you simply contact us and we will consult with you to determine your requirements and clear the costs and planned expenses with you, providing you with a proposal for you to accept prior to proceeding with any projects.  Depending on the nature and scope of the projects, we may enter into a contract with you regarding it but that is something we will work on together, based on your requirements.