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What Do We Do?


We are a computer technology support company.  We provide computer and software support to our business clients.  Our services include custom database and application design, Microsoft Server and Microsoft Exchange installation and support.  We build and design office networks for companies and then support both software and hardware for those companies.  We provide budgeting, planning, estimation and deployment of technology projects including physical wiring and infrastructure and interface with proprietary industrial computing systems.  We design office and server systems making heavy use of server virtualization as well as support clustered environments for offices that can’t afford the chance of critical office downtime.

We provide these services only on to our contracted clients in our business area.

Where is our Service Area?

We currently only accept client applications from Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Aldergrove and Mission areas of the lower mainland / Fraser Valley BC. This is to ensure that we have an adequate availability and fast onsite response time.  There is an online application to be filled out before a consultation meeting, to ensure our companies are compatible.



"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" 

This is the model of business we pursue.  Our goal is not to have you call us when something breaks, it’s for us call you before something breaks.

We believe the healthiest model for both our company and your company is to have us involved in your day to day operations.  We want to ally with you, to become a part of your business and to help make technology an asset in your day to day business.

We will find more effective ways to work with you and your clients, embracing best suited applications and office practices that will ensure that technology will be an asset in your business and not a loss.

Managed Service Provider

As a Managed Service Provider we provide pro-active remote management of your IT infrastructure at as a subscription model service. This allows us to address issues before they arise and to give you optimal uptime and support, avoiding massive interruptions in your business operations due to crashes and downtime.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We build out robust disaster recovery and backup systems for your office because we understand that computers are only as good as the information they hold, and that information needs to be protected with multiple layers of redundancy and security.

Remote Support

We offer high level remote support for your office. Our management software includes a remote support application for every system at your office and we are available to remotely assist your staff with all their technical issues.